DEC '23

SING FOR LIFE - 2 choirs, 2 concerts, 1 cause

Maison du peuple de Saint-Gilles


Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

So soll es bleiben

Viva La Vida

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DEC '23

SING FOR LIFE - 2 choirs, 2 concerts, 1 cause

Maison du peuple de Saint-Gilles

Sing For Life

ℹ️ 🎶 About the concert:
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! TAPALANOTE is back with its annual charity music event SING FOR LIFE. Powered by BGS, together with the choir dIETAKTLOSEN, TAPALANOTE will collect funds to support the work of UNIQUE EN SON GENRE.
📍 Where?
La Maison du Peuple, 37 Parvis de Saint-Gilles, 1060 Saint-Gilles
⏰ When?
Saturday, 2 December 2023, at 16:00 and 20:00
🎟 Tickets?
You can get your tickets for 11 EUR in advance:
At the box office, the ticket will cost 13 EUR.
💰 Proceeds from the concert will be donated to UNIQUE EN SON GENRE to support their activities in raising awareness of diversity and gender issues among young people, through readings led by drag artists. UNIQUE EN SON GENRE is supported by the Rainbow House in Liège.
ℹ️ 🌈 About Tapalanote:
TAPALANOTE is the choir of the Brussels Gay Sports association (BGS). Being around for 17 years, we regularly entertain audiences in Brussels, Belgium and Europe with our diverse repertoire. Our music and performances reflect who we are: an LGBTQIA+ choir committed to openness and tolerance. However, TAPALANOTE is not just about singing and making music together, under the direction of our conductor Melvic Cano. By choosing our name – TAPALANOTE ("you’re out of tune") – we also wanted to convey that we are here to laugh and have fun. For more info, check out our website:
ℹ️👍 About the cause:
UNIQUE EN SON GENRE is a series of readings for children and teenagers presented by drag artists in different cultural venues. It's an experience open to all, a chance to let your imagination and curiosity run wild, celebrate differences and discuss gender issues. UNIQUE EN SON GENRE is supported by the Rainbow House in Liège. Curious about this project? Find out more here:

We started in 1997 in the vault of a disused bakery in the south of Cologne, where the lesbian and gay community (as it then was) held weekend parties. So, what could be better than a choir where the people who partied on Saturdays could come and sing every Tuesday? That’s how Cologne’s first lesbian and gay choir came about.

We know meet in an art gallery in the south of Cologne. The choir is by no means a museum piece, however, and choir leader Ilka Tenne-Mathow still manages to bring out the best in the 34 singers’ voices, assisted by vocal coach Javier Alonso.

Always a cappella, always with polished dynamics, and always passionate about producing a unified sound, singing brings joy and anyone who sees and hears the choir perform on stage immediately shares in that joy of beautiful harmonies. And even when they’re not on stage, we have been known to sing anywhere we can: in the high street, on station concourses, in a Bavarian beerhall, at Cologne’s carnival, in a tattoo parlour, and in front of a traditional rice barn from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in an ethnological museum.