MAR '23

Choir concert with Bonn A Capella and friends

Zentrifuge im Haus des Luft- und Raumfahrt, Bonn


Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

So soll es bleiben

Viva La Vida

Further events

JUN '23

Various Voices


JUN '23
14:40 –15:00

Performance during Various Voices festival

Teatro Duse, Bologna

dIE TAKTLOSEN are back! In November 2021 we were on stage together with the fabulous Zauberflöten at Bürgerhaus Kalk (Cologne) and sang new and old songs in front of a sold-out audience - sometimes contemplative, sometimes upbeat, but always with a lot of feeling! We are looking forward to (hopefully) being able to hit the ground running again next year and have many surprises in store for our audience. Stay tuned!

Our experiment to see if lesbians, gay men and straight people could have fun singing together has now been going since 1997 – so it’s probably safe to say that the experiment has been a success! dIETAKTLOSEN are led by our much-esteemed musical director, Ilka Tenne-Mathow, who demands a great deal from our choir’s current 33 members. Every note must be just right – from the boldest, brashest forte to the slightest, subtlest pianissimo.

Our repertoire ranges from high-profile modern choral music, through jazz reinterpretations of traditional folk songs, to gems of pop and rock. Always acapella, always with sophisticated dynamics, and always supported by professional vocal trainers.